Blueprint (for summer, sorta)

Trying to be serious about summer, but fail as usual


This year’s summer has been delayed. It is now June, and every morning, I will habitually check the temperature before heading out, as if spring has never left in the first place.

The weird familiarity carries over to blog writing. For me, picking up the pen again and writing something about summer is not foreign. I wrote some blogs last summer and maintained a mostly functional blog site (certainly not the most aesthetically advanced, but it gets the job done). Going back to writing reminded me the good time of contemplating with words in an air-conditioned room, recalling the excitement of working on a real job that initiated positive changes and forgetting, for once, the sweating summer days.

This time is somehow different since this summer will be my second working for Vietlead. Last year I focused most on others, on describing how much I had learned from others, who were quietly changing the world we live in. This summer, I have a bit more space for myself, after sharing others’ excitement. Sure, the second year means that you now have more responsibility, but responsibility is indeed another form of recognition. Looking back, I see that I had grown and changed a lot, one year from the moment when I first started my internship at Vietlead. If one year ago I was mostly observing, now I do have some tools in my disposals to practice more and do more. The organization had grown tremendously (last year we fit our training in one quad-room size meeting room, but this year we need a hall to host staff training), I knew that I also need to grow along with the organization. Also, the growth should not simply be reflected as a bump of job title or an increase of real working hours; it should be more along the line of quality. When I re-applied for this job, I saw this opportunity as a refinement, an opportunity to catch some mistakes that were made before but never fully acknowledged. I am glad that this year Vietlead is preparing for more staff training and workshops because they are truly a great opportunity for growth. 

So going to back writing blogs, I think now I have more of the energy and intention to engage in personal and real reflection. A lot of my tasks this summer will consist of creating and hosting different workshops, and a key and yet often overlooked component of workshops is debriefing. A typical day has only 24 hours, and because we often want to absorb as much as possible, in reality, we usually left too much not fully digested. Or, we might have acquired certain skills that are very useful but do not have the time and opportunity to apply them in real life scenarios thoroughly. I want to utilize writing, one of the most powerful tools of reflection available, to recall the work that I had done and sharpen my understanding of the world around me. It is the same old stuff, but this time it is going to be a bit more.

Well, in all honesty, summer is also about taking time and stay chill. As notorious Supa Hot Fire had remarked:


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